18 Oct 2011

Super Healthy Kids Plate is Super Awesome!

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My apologies first to the Super Healthy Kids author and creator of the Healthy Kids Plate, Amy. She sent me this plate well over a year ago, and I have owed her this review for a while!
I have 3 kids and yes, we probally talk about eating healthy more than the average family. It’s something I am passionate about but I also know that the more you talk, the more they listen. My son, Jake, is my healthiest eater in the house. We all eat healthy by Jake takes the carrots! He ALWAYS eats a salad with meals, always eats his green veggies (and usually asks for more) and opts for water instead of juice, 95% of the time. But overall, I have VERY healthy eaters.

When my plate arrived, I noticed 2 things. Very colorful, nice pictures. Very durable. Perfect. And the concept is brilliant! Kids should know that we fill our plates with 1/2 veggies and the other 1/2 is split between meat and pasta. I think that portions can easily be over done and think that parents sometimes tend to give into a picky eater by loading their plate with with THEY want, not what they SHOULD have. I am by no means perfect (as Jake used to eat hot dog and goldfish everyday for about a year). But then I changed. I change alot. Not over night. But through teaching, talking and fun, I was able to get my kids to eat more of the good stuff! Here is a current list of what we eat weekly: (And yes, this is the truth! I should video it for proof!) Eggplant, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, carrots, peas, lettuce, zuccini, squash, apples, strawberries, grapes, onions and I am sure there are more I’m forgetting. Yes, I am bragging, but this IS a big deal. A big deal to me, because this was a long time in the making. Trust is a big thing that I earned my crew. They know I don’t feed them anything that I wouldn’t eat and they trust what I eat tastes good. So they try. And that is 1/2 the battle. My kids are no longer afraid to visit the dental office in Pocatello. Check out https://www.delaneyparkdental.com to see the benefits of healthy food yourself.

I have a marketing background. I know that presentation can make or break a pitch. Plates, napkins, food cut into shapes, or food just presented in a nice way is very important. Even 2 yr olds know this. This plate really makes my job easier when presenting my kids with a meal!

The other concept that I love about this plate is that it screams “TEACH ME!” Teach me about healthy eating. I bet that 1 out of 5 kids, under the age of 5 could tell you what the word “healthy” means. Parents could easily take each meal and make it a “teachable moment.” Why not?! We should be eating as a family and talking about what we are putting into our bodies and WHY! Kids love the why part!

Amy’s plate is a must have for any parents trying to educate their kids on how their plate should look at every meal. Eating should be a learning experience every time they sit down. Food is a learning experience for all of us! Kids need to SEE what healthy plate looks like. How else would you expect them to make their own plate (when your not there) if they don’t know what a healthy plate looks like. Great job on a great idea! And FINALLY, our government is getting the hint and has started to use the plate as a guide too! Glad they took notes from Amy! (BTW…I only have 1 and now need to order 2 more so we don’t have fighting over it!)

To buy the Healthy Kids Plate Gift Set for $9.99, click here! TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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