24 Oct 2011

Happy Food Day Tampa Bay!

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Happy Food Day! Today, is the first time I am celebrating this holiday. Over the past year, I have taken a huge interest for my well being and have started to educate myself about what is “healthy.” Not only for my well being, but more importantly, for my children’s well being. Like every parent, I only want the best for my kids, and teaching myself about food seemed like a very important thing to do. And BOY, have I learned ALOT!

And I can only learn, more. Why is it that so many people aren’t taking an interest in what is going into our bodies? Don’t you want to know? Parents are forever vigillent about vaccinations and other posins that are being given to their children, shouldn’t they start becoming more educated about the food they put into their child’s body everyday? Yes, it’s alot, but it’s necessary.

So what is Food Day? According to the man who started Food Day, it was supposed to be alot like Earth Day. Here is how Michael F. Jacobson, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which he co-founded in 1971, explains it: “It is in that context that I conceived of Food Day. I envisioned it being like Earth Day, celebrated widely with thousands of events around the country. It would be a vigorous day or week of national focus on food issues that all sorts of people and organizations could tie in with (a smaller World Food Day is celebrated in some churches and campuses). As with Earth Day, I thought that a national mobilization focused on food could accelerate ongoing initiatives aimed at reforming the food system from the farm to the fork. Click here to read the entire article. I think he is right on, and so do many other people all over the world.

In Tampa today, there are many organizations that should be recognized for their work in taking initative about food issues, farming education, food education, community development for the better good and educating kids and parents about how they can keep their kids healthy. (I would like to think that those who know about what Fit Kids Playground does, will think that we are playing a role within this group too!) We like to help our “sister” groups get the word out about all the things that all these groups are doing. Each one unique and each one with a specific goal, but all working together to make Tampa Bay a healthier and more educated community!

We LOVE being a part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution here in Tampa so make sure to like our page and keep up with the good things to come this year as we expand our reach to help educate more people about healthy food and fit kids RIGHT here in Tampa!

Today on October 24, 2011, we invite you to celebrate Food Day with others or maybe even just at home! Here are some ways to participate today! Be apart of something BIG! Educate yourself! Learning about your food is 1/2 the battle!

1. Log on to the Official Jamie Olive’s Food Revolution Page to read about what he is doing.
2. Head to the Roosevelt 2.0 and thanks to TUFF and Going Green Tampa and Cigar City Brewing, you can watch a short film, Urban Roots tonight at 6pm. (Proceeds go back to the Tampa Urban Food Forum.) More information here.
3. In St. Pete, you can head to The Studio 620 to watch FRESH and thanks to Chipotle, you get a coupon and a t-shirt for a burrito just for coming (with your $5 donation going to the St. Pete Morning Market). More information here.
4. Get involved with groups like: Fit Kids Playground Tampa Urban Food Forum (TUFF) Slow Food Tampa Going Green Tampa Tampa Bay Markets Tampa Fit Kids Food Revloution and educate yourself!
5. Got kids? (I do!) My advice: Keep it simple. Talk with you kids at dinner about what you are eating. How does it make you feel? Where do your fruits and vegetables come from? Why do you like to eat healthy. Talking is easy and if all you do is get the conversation started tonight, you are totally supporting what Food Day is all about!

And if you really want to take action and let your government know you want some change, read/ sign the Food Day petition to help fix America’s Broken Food System.

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