10 Mar 2012

Why We Play!

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When we launched our first Fit Kids Playground in 2009, we didn’t realize that we were going to be a part of a movement that would eventually develop into a national movement, with the First Lady leading the way, that would spark collaboration and development of so many organizations from all over the country and the world, that all had the same mission: To get kids healthy and fit.

It’s been an amazing 3 years in which we are proud to have launched programs such as Playin’ In The Park and Preschool P.O.W.E.R. here in Tampa. We truly believe in what we do and that getting kids healthy isn’t always about reading labels and eating broccoli ALL the time. Speaking as a Mom of 3 kids under 7, my life has been about play for the past, well, 7 years. Play is important. Play in necessary. Play is vital to my children’s physical healthy and mental health. I personally thing it is vital to everyones health.

Real Kids. Real Change. Really Simple.

This is why we play.

1. We like to play outside. It is often the simplistic elements that we bring to events, such as hula hoops, jump ropes, soccer balls, footballs, bubbles and music, that entertain the kids so much! It’s really simple. No big “jumpies.” No mechanical rides. No power necessary. Free play is what we like best!

2. Getting creative with the toys you have. Why not use the hula hoops to create a game or the cones to create and course. Play feeds into creativity. We love seeing the kids play in the park with our toys. They stay for hours. They run. Their parents run. Everyone always leaves with a smile.

3. Having fun is why we play. Playtime with your kids is something that is great for both parties. Kids love to play with Mom, Dad, brother, sister, a friend. Why? Because they want to have fun, they LOVE to see you smile, and your smile makes them smile and that makes for happy kids.

4. It’s fun exercise. When kids play outside and are having fun, they often don’t realize that time has flown by! That 60- minute a day rule doesn’t apply because they will usually surpass it by an extra hour with out even realizing it! Getting kids to play outside shouldn’t have to be work. Turn off that TV! Pretend it’s broken! It’s worth a shot to get your kids in a play outside. They won’t realize what their missing because they will be having so much fun playing!

We hope you will come play with us sometime this summer! If you live in Tampa,FL or anywhere near by, check out what goes on at Curtis Hixon Park each first Tuesday of the month (running through August 2012).

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