04 Oct 2012

Why Sweet Tomatoes is so SWEET!

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When life is rushed and we go out to eat, a favorite choice of mine is Sweet Tomatoes here in Tampa. If you haven’t tried them, you must RUN to the nearest one!

There are actually so many reasons that I go there…let me count the ways.

1. The are VERY reasonable when it comes to kids pricing. Kids 2 and under eat free. My thought is “why would I go somewhere else when I would spend the same amount of money for gross fast food, when I can come here and sit down and actually enjoy a healthy meal with my kids.” It’s a no brainer.

2. My kids get to make their own plate. They each get their own try and get to make their own plate. Of course, we MUST finish our veggies first before we move on to soups or pastas! But again with all the choices, it is a place that can please all the kids with their individual favorites!

3. They can TRY new fruits and vegetables that they might have never heard of or seen. This one is my favorite! It is ALWAYS hard to get kids to try new things. But when they are displayed so beautifully, you can’t help but want to make your plate like a rainbow! It’s a great opportunity to have kids try something new, without having to break the bank doing so. It’s all included…from beets to chickpeas. Try it! You might like it!

4. They and eat a balanced meal. They give me, as a parent the opportunity to show my kids what a balanced meal looks like on a plate. I get creative and put both spinich and chicken (from the chicken noodle soup) on their plate. I have the kids help too!

5. It’s nice to sit down (and not have to cook sometimes!) Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook! But with 4 kids, it IS nice to take a break sometimes and not have to clean the dishes! We can all sit down together and relax.

I have always enjoyed visiting Sweet Tomatoes and hope you might give it a try too!

**I have NOT been compensated for this post by Sweet Tomatoes and the review above is my honest opinion.

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