16 Apr 2013

Finish lines will never be the same.

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Above is my son at the finish line of his first triathlon. A youth triathlon in Tampa.

The crossing of the finish line in any event has so many meanings. There are journeys and hurdles that one must face before experiencing the emotions of the finishing a race, a marathon or a triathlon. Smiles, pictures, cheers and joy are the feelings that are shared by all who cross a finish line or are watching a loved one cross. You cry because you did it. You cry because they did it. It is just a great place to feel a sense of accomplishment.

I have often thought about a favorite place of my own. One of my favorite places is the finish line. It means that I have accomplished something. Something I have worked hard for. It also was a way to show my children that they do can accomplish something if they try hard. The victory of crossing the finish line in any situation represents so much more than just physically crossing that line.

In light of the tragedy at the finish line at the Boston Marathon, I wanted to extend our prayers and condolences with all those involved. What a tragic way to end a day that should have been so celebrated by so many. I know that I will never be able to cross a finish line again without different thoughts going though my head. I can already see a wave of different emotions oassing through me as I finish my next race.

It also makes me sad to think that these people who were running the Boston Marathon were the ones we strive to emulate, as examples for for not only us, but also for our children- as we want them to be the fit kids we know they can be. These parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sister and brothers are the ones we want our children to look up to. They live healthy lives and run in races to set examples for others to lead healthier lives. We hope that all those who run, compete and lead by example to show our youngest fit kids that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, will continue to show us that crossing the finish line still has the same meaning, if not a more in depth meaning than before.

May everyone who was touched by the Boston Marathon tragedy know that you are in the hearts of many as they will cross finish lines all over America with you in their thoughts.

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  1. Reply Jenny says:

    What a precious picture! You can just see the joy on his face.

    Your post was beautifully written and made me tear up. The finish line is such a special place. I have often cried as I crossed the line for races that I didn’t think I’d finish when I was 212lbs heavier.

    My heart is heavy for Boston.

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