16 Jun 2014

Push Away The Screen: Youth Golf in Tampa Bay

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Yes, we all know the Florida heat can be brutal in the summertime, so I was very excited to learn about a fun new way to introduce my kids to golf this summer that has air-conditioning plus a geography lesson and see technology mixed in too. We have participated in local golf programs before, but have not experienced THIS type of golf!

Hidden away in Carrollwood, is Golfer’s Grail. Their indoor state-of-the-art golf simulators take you to more than 60 courses from around the world! The technology alone is so advanced that it can detect hooks, slices and more! For my kids who love golf and technology, this place is going to be awesome!

I have always wanted my kids to familiarize themselves with golf for a number of reasons. Golf is a wonderful sport for anyone to learn at any age at anytime. And most that are introduced at a later age would agree that they wish they would have learned it at a younger age. Here are 5 reasons golf is a great sport for kids:

1. Learn etiquette. Golf is a game of etiquette. You learn the rules. You follow the rules. You behave in a certain way when playing the sport. It’s a perfect way to learn characteristics that are often missing in the youth sports arena.

2. It’s a lifetime sport. One can play golf for a lifetime. It’s a sport that is a timeless classic and can be played by many at various skill levels.

3. Teaches personal responsibly. There are no teammates to blame if a shot doesn’t go your way. You learn to own the outcome of what transpires during each round.

4. Learn to focus. Concentration. Focus. Patience. Strength of character. Golf takes all if these skills and teaches kids to control their emotions during the highs and lows of the game. Just like in life, we must learn to deals with the good and the ugly, and by using lessons from golf, why not practice these skills.

5. Push away the screen. Playing golf is a fun activity to get kids outside (or inside) and away from the screen. With childhood obesity at an all time high, activities that help kids have fun and become active are needed!

We are looking forward to exploring Golfer’s Grail this week and will be sure to give you a full report on what we think of indoor golf vs. outdoor golf for kids!

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Golfer’s Grail.


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