24 Nov 2014

Fit Kids Approved: The Bentgo Kids Lunch Box Review

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My kids go to waste free school and I have packed their lunches everyday, with occasional hot lunch every once in a while. I don’t mind packing and they don’t seem to want the other option so everyone is happy!
I have have become a lunch packing professional as now we are up to three lunches each day. I’m always on the look out for new lunch boxes or containers and new ideas for items to pack! I had the opportunity to test drive the Bentgo Kids Lunch Box this past week and my first reaction was, “Genius!” and my daughters, “I LOVE IT!”

Here are a few reasons why I LOVE this Bentgo Kids Lunch Box (and you will too!)

1. Two Pieces! That means no separate lids, different containers or rogue containers in the cabinet waiting to be used because of a missing piece. Dishwasher safe and the perfect size for a lunch.

2. Perfect Size. It’s the perfect size to fit into a lunch box (fits perfect into the LandsEnd EZ Wipe Lunch Box) to additionally add with it a milk, GoGo squeeZ and Pirates Booty snack. The meal fit perfectly inside and the whole lunch fit perfectly in the box.

3. Easy To Open. We have test drive a few other one and two piece lunch boxes, but the Bentgo Kids Lunch Box was the easiest to open for my five year old. She is sold on this being HER everyday lunch box.

4. Ideas! When purchasing the Bentgo Kids, you also get access to a free e-book that has amazing ideas for lunch! While it might be hard for me to be a lunch box ninja, I love simple ideas as to other items I could add into their lunches to not make them “so boring” day after day. Great idea to include a free e-book.

Great product. Made well in super cute colors: purple, blue and green. Pre-order sale is going on now for Bentgo Kids starting at $27.99. A very reasonable price for the product you get. We love waste free lunch products and we love making sure our kids are getting a good start to eating healthy on the go.




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  1. Reply Jake Conrad says:

    Looks like a great lunchbox. I quite like the Yumbox Bento as well, it’s got 5 well laid-out compartments.

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