14 Jan 2015

No Recess? NO WAY!

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Are you joking? Seriously, have any of the education leaders from the Orange County School District in Florida ever actually been in a classroom? Or spent time with 20 5 and 6-year-olds? Or 20 10-year-olds for that matter? It really doesn’t matter what age (I need a little break from work too and I’m 35!) How is this even a possible option!?

The latest news out of Florida is that the teachers need more time to cover state mandated curriculum and just need more time (who doesn’t). But the higher ups aren’t seeing any other way than to eliminate recess for elementary school kids in order to allocate more time to “book work.”

Absurd. Absolutely, positively absurd. Kids NEED playtime. It is vital for their development, socially, emotionally and physically. How are kids supposed to recharge?! I couldn’t imagine having to tell my kids that they would have no recess time at school. I truly think it’s cruel and unusual punishment that no child deserves.

As the founder of Fit Kids Playground, I founded this project because I believe in unstructured free time and free play to not only be a way for kids to get healthy but to just have fun being a kid. There are so many pressures and stresses in our world today that our children are subjected to, that sometimes, they just need to be a kid. Play with friends. Laugh. Smile. Run free without anyone telling them what to do. It’s a break from rules, structure and routine. It might not come often, but it’s a necessary part of childhood that is critical for the well-being of all children.

To the parents of Orange County School kids, I stand with you and the fight to restore recess and free play for kids. If my kids were in that situation, I would be making more noise than firecrackers on the Fourth of July. This is not right. It’s just not right. And when something is not right, you fix it. And you make it right.

If only kids could have their say about having recess taken away. What would they say? Have you asked?

Sign their petition today and let’s give the kids back what is rightfully theirs: their childhood.


This is MY Kindergardener, Shelby, I have learned lots from the International Kindergarten in Bangkok to help her learn her own way. She’s happiest playing with friends and loves to learn and loves school. Don’t take that away from any child. I want her to love school. Not despise me for sending her there.

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  1. Reply Laurie Griggs says:

    I live in Vermont. In my opinion, all of you parents should ban together and fire these so called officials. It is of my opinion that the ones responsible should go to jail and serve the same amount of minutes that each and every child has lost in recess!
    When my daughter was in 2nd grade, one of her teachers took it upon herself to keep my child in from recess…to do school work. I didn’t know until the 4th day, when my little girl came home and broke down crying. She told me what was going on. The next day I drove my daughter to school, and went in to have a “chat” with this teacher. After I bitched her out and threatened to have her job, no student was ever held in from recess again!
    Back in our day, when we were kids, we not only had 2-3 recesses per day, we had less/easier school work.

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