10 Nov 2011

FRESH {the movie} Screening Tonight at MOSI

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If you haven’t seen this documentary, you just want want to stop by and learn a thing or two. Also, Chipotle will be there with FREE food and all proceeds (that would be 100%) benefit our very own local Sweetwater Organic Community Farm! Sounds like a great (free and cheap) date for a (healthy) dinner and a movie!
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29 Oct 2011

First Florida-Grown School Lunch Day!

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Finally! A win for the farmers and a win for the kids. An event was held in Tallahassee this past week, that put Florida-grown produce in the spotlight! It looks like there are some changes coming, which in my books, means that people higher up are finally listening. This event took place rightfully so, in October which is National Farm to School Month. I would like to see what really happens in January, when it looks like there will be some “changes” made to the Florida school lunch program. Read more

24 Oct 2011

Happy Food Day Tampa Bay!

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Happy Food Day! Today, is the first time I am celebrating this holiday. Over the past year, I have taken a huge interest for my well being and have started to educate myself about what is “healthy.” Not only for my well being, but more importantly, for my children’s well being. Like every parent, I only want the best for my kids, and teaching myself about food seemed like a very important thing to do. And BOY, have I learned ALOT!
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18 Oct 2011

Super Healthy Kids Plate is Super Awesome!

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My apologies first to the Super Healthy Kids author and creator of the Healthy Kids Plate, Amy. She sent me this plate well over a year ago, and I have owed her this review for a while! Read more

29 Sep 2011

Fit Kids are EVERYWHERE!

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We are announcing the relaunch of our Fit Kids Playground Facebook Page today! A few changes and we are back in business! We hope that you will like our page and keep up to date with events that we participate in, organizations that we love and products that we think rock! We stay true to being a resource for people who are trying to find things to do, places to go and ideas to use in order to keep their own family and kids fit! We are parents who want to see all kids be fit kids!
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