28 Jul 2014

Push Away The Screen: Spotlight

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Our friends at the Tampa Bay Moms Blog came up with some amazing ways to host a fun outdoor birthday party! We LOVE these ideas and wanted to share in our Push Away The Screen Spotlight series!

The Tampa Baby Moms Blog is a great resource for finding out about many local happenings to push away the screen each day!

If you have a post, idea or activity that we could feature, please email us! We are always on the hunt for new ways to push away the screen!

19 Jun 2014

Push Away The Screen with Golfer’s Grail: Kids Golf in Tampa Bay

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Summertime is a great time to learn something new. However, the fun of outdoor activities is sometimes diminished because of the scorching heat and humidity in Florida, thus making outdoor activities a little less attractive for kids who are learning.

Indoor activities have become extremely popular in every sport, especially in the youth sports arena. There are many indoor facilities all over Tampa Bay that offer leagues, clinics, camps or programs for kids as well as adults to help either introduce people to a sport or keep people playing the sport without passing out from a heat stroke.

My kids have both played golf in the area through various programs at different times of the year. My son loved the sport, but my daughter, who complained of it being “too hot” was not as smitten by the sport. She is typically used to air-conditioned gyms where she regularly participates on gymnastics teams. She loves the outdoors, but the heat was just a little too much, especially for her to play a sport she wasn’t in love with outside in the summer heat.

Enter Golfer’s Grail. I had heard of this indoor golf facility located in north Tampa, or Carrollwood, and we decided to try it out for both kids. Mia was hesitant and Jake was excited. I sold it to Mia and she said she would give it a shot.

The facility is amazing. If you don’t know anything about Golfer’s Grail, let me tell you that it defintiely lives up its name as the Holy “Grial” of golf, for kids or adults in Tampa Bay. They have brought advanced golf technology to a setting in which players, novice or experienced, can play the sport, learn the sport, or receive professional advice and instruction in an atmosphere that is comfortable, fun and much less intimidating for the beginner. Granted, there is nothing like the beauty and experience of a green golf course on a Sunday morning in the fall when the air is crisp, but let’s face it, not every day can be that perfect. Golfer’s Grail has come the closest I have seen to perfecting the golfer’s experience, albeit inside, on many levels.

Back to the Junior Golf Camp…Let’s just say that Mia is now begging to go golfing, Jake has perfected his drive thanks to the PGA apprentices that are running the club and I now have 2 kids who have truly found a new sport to love. Mission accomplished. This has been one of my kids’ favorite camps of all time and we will DEFINITELY be recommending this camp to others. I will be back to visit often, as they are also a family friendly activity for any rainy day too!

Sponsor Information: Golfer’s Grail is located at 10019 N. Dale Mabry Hwy Suite 100 in Tampa, Florida. They are open 7 days a week and times vary. They offer a a wide variety of activites for golfers on their simulators. Lessons, leagues, clinics, corporate events, private parties, fundraisers and more are available. Craft beer, wine and beverages are sold and food can be purchased from nearby plaza restaurants and brought in. Golfer’s Grail has sponsored this post and invited Fit Kids Playground to come try their facility. All opinions in this post are those of the author.

16 Jun 2014

Push Away The Screen: Youth Golf in Tampa Bay

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Yes, we all know the Florida heat can be brutal in the summertime, so I was very excited to learn about a fun new way to introduce my kids to golf this summer that has air-conditioning plus a geography lesson and see technology mixed in too. We have participated in local golf programs before, but have not experienced THIS type of golf!

Hidden away in Carrollwood, is Golfer’s Grail. Their indoor state-of-the-art golf simulators take you to more than 60 courses from around the world! The technology alone is so advanced that it can detect hooks, slices and more! For my kids who love golf and technology, this place is going to be awesome!

I have always wanted my kids to familiarize themselves with golf for a number of reasons. Golf is a wonderful sport for anyone to learn at any age at anytime. And most that are introduced at a later age would agree that they wish they would have learned it at a younger age. Here are 5 reasons golf is a great sport for kids:

1. Learn etiquette. Golf is a game of etiquette. You learn the rules. You follow the rules. You behave in a certain way when playing the sport. It’s a perfect way to learn characteristics that are often missing in the youth sports arena.

2. It’s a lifetime sport. One can play golf for a lifetime. It’s a sport that is a timeless classic and can be played by many at various skill levels.

3. Teaches personal responsibly. There are no teammates to blame if a shot doesn’t go your way. You learn to own the outcome of what transpires during each round.

4. Learn to focus. Concentration. Focus. Patience. Strength of character. Golf takes all if these skills and teaches kids to control their emotions during the highs and lows of the game. Just like in life, we must learn to deals with the good and the ugly, and by using lessons from golf, why not practice these skills.

5. Push away the screen. Playing golf is a fun activity to get kids outside (or inside) and away from the screen. With childhood obesity at an all time high, activities that help kids have fun and become active are needed!

We are looking forward to exploring Golfer’s Grail this week and will be sure to give you a full report on what we think of indoor golf vs. outdoor golf for kids!

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Golfer’s Grail.


15 May 2014

Push Away The Screen: Disney on Ice presents Let’s Celebrate

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Push away the screen and head on down to the Tampa Bay Times Forum where you can catch the first tour stop of Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate! The new Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate, is coming to Tampa Bay on May 15- 18, and our city is the first stop on the 17 markets that they will be heading too!

The Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate show looks to have a wide range of characters for all my kids to get excited about! Everyone from the Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto will be there as well as a few friends too: Toy Story’s Buzz and Woody, Alice, the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Alice in Wonderland, Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen will celebrate a jazzy Mardi Gras jubilee, and Mickey will help celebrate Chinese New Year with Mulan and Shang!

Check out the Let’s Celebrate show this weekend and celebrate kids being kids and enjoy the show. It’s is sure to bring a smile to everyone who is in the audience!

And if you want to keep up with the show in real time, they will be on Twitter with #DisneyonIce and #LetsCelebrate

For more reviews of the show, visit a few Tampa blogger friends of ours at TampaMama, DadScribe and MommyGuru!

Tickets are still available as of May 15, 2014 for Tampa Bay.

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09 May 2014

Welcome Sports Authority to the Fit Kids Family!

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We are so excited to have Sports Authority on board as a Fit Kids Playground sponsor for 2014!

Sports Authority Mother's Day Coupon

The have shared a coupon for redemption this Mother’s Day with you, so go out and get Mom something she will enjoy to keep her healthy! We want our Moms to be around for a long long time and staying healthy is key!

We look forward to having Sports Authority out at all our upcoming events!

In the mean time, find a Sports Authority near you to see all the awesome fit kids toys they have to keep our kids fit and active!