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11 Oct 2013

The PlaySmart Challenge: Kids, Brain and Brawn in Tampa Bay

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Playsmart's Brains and Brawn Kids Adventure Challenge

Playsmart’s Brains and Brawn Kids Adventure Challenge

We are so excited to see a new kind of adventure race! One that takes kids to use their brains on a higher level. PlaySmart, a national non-profit organization that provides athletic and academic opportunities to America’s youth, will host the 1st Annual “Brains and Brawn” Kids Adventure Challenge in Tampa Bay on November 10th, 2013 at Al Lopez Park. How much fun does this sound: climbs/slides, mud runs, slime tunnels, tire rolls, low crawl spaces, sprint races and other elements throughout the park will be what kids are challenged to achieve.

Team are encouraged to participate together to “think” about how to compete in these adventures. Have a really cool team name and gear? Could win you a prize! Healthy snacks will be provided by GoGo squeeZ. And of course, everyone who competes (ages 5-14) will receive a medal.

There is an early bird discount and honestly, it sounds like so much fun! Hope your fit kids are ready to push away the screen for a day of a REAL adventure!

Sign up today!

02 Sep 2013

What Does Childhood Obesity Month REALLY Mean?

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September is Childhood Obesity month. So what big deal. Right? I don’t have a child who is obese. My kids are active. This is not a big deal. Wrong.

I launched the Fit Kids Playground project almost 5 years ago. I never realized that 5 years later I would be able to say that I really feel like I have made a difference in my community to help others, parents and children alike, to become more aware of what is going on around them in order to help them better the lives of their children or even themselves.

The Fit Kids Playground project is meant to help parents realize that they are not alone. We all have kids and we all want the best for them. We are all not registered dietitians, personal trainers or chefs creating meal plans and personal workout routines for our family. We are real. We have kids. And sometimes we need help. We want change. But how?

The mission of Fit Kids Playground is “Real Kids. Real Change. Really Simple.” Because that is what sums us up. It takes small changes to make a long term difference. Doing one thing a week. One thing a month. But make them realistic goals if you want change. It should not be stressful trying to get your kids to eat fruits and veggies. But some parents we converse with, just can’t figure out how to make this happen. But through conversations and tips of small things that have worked for other REAL PARENTS, we as parents DO learn and now are ready to tackle something bigger than ourselves.

We invite you to be a part of the movement. The “fit kids” movement. There is no pledge to sign. Nothing to sign up for. No monthly meetings to attend.

Just the idea that you get it.

You get that this is not a fad. That you will make an effort to drive BY the drive thru instead of stopping. You might get up a little earlier to make a lunch instead of buying it.

Yes, it is work, but won’t it be gratifying to see the change in your kids and know that YOU did that?

We hope that we can be part of your journey. Please sign up for our e-blasts, buy a shirt that will support our programs (for you or your child) and be proud that you will help your child live longer and healthier and happier. And you just might learn something too along the way.

And don’t forget to join the conversation with us on our social networks using the hashtag #fitkids.