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28 Jun 2013

Radio Disney is coming to Fit Kids Playground thanks to Florida KidCare!

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As kids head back to school, having the right supplies can help them be great students. That’s why parents need to add health care coverage to their child’s back to school list. Having health care coverage can help children be healthier and present at school, be more attentive, and do their best to succeed. And Florida KidCare can help provide free or very low cost health insurance for your child. Stop by and speak to the folks at the Florida KidCare table for more information.

Radio Disney will be with them to provide healthy games and activities for your kids while you find out how you can apply, or even get assistance starting an application right then! Just look for the big Mickey balloon and all the Radio Disney fun and come learn more about the health insurance option that is available for your children.

22 Jun 2013

Free Play RULES!!!

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GoGo squeeZ, the makers of the world’s most AMAZING applesauce (our opinion, but the honest truth), has announce a new campaign where they want more American’s to go play and be playful…we could not agree more. According to a study that GoGo squeeZ had conducted through Wakefield Research with 1,000 families, they were on a quest to learn about the state of playfulness in American families. The statistic that most resonates with us here at Fit Kids Playground, is that 87% of parents believe that children don’t get enough free play. As parents ourselves, we couldn’t agree more.

We LOVE the GoGo squeeZ “Wherever You Go, Go Playfully” campaign that is simply getting people to find more ways to be playful.

Ameila Prieto and Mia Langford being playful with their favorite snack after soccer practice.

They have also teamed up with playful partner Life is good to help kids find ways to be more playful. Share their videos and make a promise to be more playful by using #gogoplayfully, and they’ll donate $1 to the Life is good® Playmakers.

And if you happen to be around the country this summer you just might see their mobile playground! Kids can play on the mobile playground, which includes a rock climbing wall, a slide, indoor/outdoor play areas, games such as Giant Jenga and Twister, ben bag tosses, and more. And of course, there will be plenty of GoGo squeeZ to snack on! How fun!!

Keep up the good work GoGo squeeZ and we will keep supporting the mission of play here in Tampa Bay! Come try GoGo squeeZ at all Fit Kids Playground Playin’ In The Park events! And then go play!

21 Nov 2012

Hyde Park Village Kids Market

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Fit Kids Playground wants to see kids living healthy and fun lives! Our partnership with Tampa Bay Markets has opened up our eyes to a new opportunity for kids in the Tampa Bay area. We see the potential for young entrepreneurs to find a sense of accomplishment in doing something they love to do. We are proud to help inspire kids to explore entrepreneurship and business with us as part of the new Hyde Park Village Kids Market! It’s a place for kids to try something new and it will give them a place to show off what they have learned. Where supporting local small businesses is why people come to shop, we know that supporting young entrepreneurs will fit right in.

The Hyde Park Village Kids Market will feature 10-15 kids vendors. The Kids Market will take place in the Courtyard Via Way by Downtown Dogs and Color Me Mine and will include 10-15 spaces for kids to sell products they make themselves. Examples of products that will be accepted for the Kids Market will include baked goods and hand crafts. These kids will sell items that they had a hand in making. We are open to kids of all ages. We want to make this a fun experience for everyone! By being a part of the Tampa Bay Markets Hyde Park Village Kids Market, the kids will be able to work on their selling skills as an actual vendor during the market. We want this to be a positive experience for the kids! It is meant to inspire kids and foster that entrepreneurial drive.

In November, we featured 2 extraordinary young ladies who not only wanted to be apart of the market, but wanted to use this opportunity to help others. Liberty’s Apple Juice Stand and Kat’s Kookies for Dogs both raised money to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Together, they were able to rise over $500! Never underestimate the power of someone who has heart!

So with that said, this post is a call to all young entrepreneurs in the Tampa Bay area that would like to be a part of something big! Please contact us via our contact page and we will send you the vendor form and get you all set!

And if you are not a kids vendor but have a service or product that might fit within our Kids Market, please let us know! We are excited to be launching such a promising event for kids to be a part of! Join us the first Sunday of each month from 10am-3pm in Hyde Park Village and don’t forget to stop by the Kids Market!

This event is sponsored and supported by the ladies of Working Women of Tampa Bay

Upcoming Events and Sponsors of the Kids Market

December 2, 2012 Happy Family

January 6, 2013

February 3, 2013

March 3, 2013

09 Nov 2012

PeerFit Fitness Party!

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Ain’t no party like a PeerFit Party! I am so excited to help launch this awesome new app into Tampa! When I was first told about PeerFit, I checked them out and was blown away. I think that their app is really going to help people “fit” fitness into their busy schedules based on what they are looking to do!

Fitness is all the rage these days and I think that this app is right on when it comes to thinking about how we can fit fitness into our lives! I’ve downloaded the app and like seeing the reviews about classes and instructors. (I like to know what I am getting myself into!)

This weekend, Fit Kids Playground, will help bring a fun fitness party to Hyde Park Village, up on the rooftop of the parking garage above Restoration Hardware (Garage C). It will be led by celebrity fitness trainer Fitz Koehler. Come party with us and participate in her workouts and receive giveaways and more. It should be a fun afternoon!

PeerFit Fitness Party
Hyde Park Village
Sunday, November 11
Rooftop above Garage C

06 Nov 2012

Mother of All Baby Showers

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It’s here! Are you an expecting Mother? Know an expecting Mother and live in the Tampa Bay or surrounding areas? Well it’s coming! The Mother of All Baby Showers! It should be a great time and event the famous Rosie Pope will be there too! I think that this is a must attend event at the Glazer Children’s Museum on November 16th. Enjoy! We even have a deal for you too!

Please use promo code MOABS for $5 off! This will be a sold out event! For more information and to buy tickets visit