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12 May 2013

Do You Trekaroo?

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As you know, Fit Kids Playground is always looking for things that we can do to encourage our kids to PUSH AWAY THE SCREEN. We have recently found and LOVE the website, Trekaroo. This site has a wealth of information from traveling parents that give tips and insider information about things to do while on vacation or just in your hometown.

I am a big fan of reading about a place before I go there. I like to know what I am getting into before I head out. It makes travel so much easier when heading out with kids.

The Trekaroo site lets you rate destinations, give feedback, connect with other parents who are giving the advice and also has a handy app to help you WHILE you are out and about.

Finding good ideas for what to do with kids can always be a challenge. But if you have a sec and want to get more ideas on how to push away the screen, check out the Trekaroo site. And jump on to tell others about your adventures too! I am sure that other parents would appreciate your insight too!

16 Apr 2013

Finish lines will never be the same.

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Above is my son at the finish line of his first triathlon. A youth triathlon in Tampa.

The crossing of the finish line in any event has so many meanings. There are journeys and hurdles that one must face before experiencing the emotions of the finishing a race, a marathon or a triathlon. Smiles, pictures, cheers and joy are the feelings that are shared by all who cross a finish line or are watching a loved one cross. You cry because you did it. You cry because they did it. It is just a great place to feel a sense of accomplishment.

I have often thought about a favorite place of my own. One of my favorite places is the finish line. It means that I have accomplished something. Something I have worked hard for. It also was a way to show my children that they do can accomplish something if they try hard. The victory of crossing the finish line in any situation represents so much more than just physically crossing that line.

In light of the tragedy at the finish line at the Boston Marathon, I wanted to extend our prayers and condolences with all those involved. What a tragic way to end a day that should have been so celebrated by so many. I know that I will never be able to cross a finish line again without different thoughts going though my head. I can already see a wave of different emotions oassing through me as I finish my next race.

It also makes me sad to think that these people who were running the Boston Marathon were the ones we strive to emulate, as examples for for not only us, but also for our children- as we want them to be the fit kids we know they can be. These parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sister and brothers are the ones we want our children to look up to. They live healthy lives and run in races to set examples for others to lead healthier lives. We hope that all those who run, compete and lead by example to show our youngest fit kids that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, will continue to show us that crossing the finish line still has the same meaning, if not a more in depth meaning than before.

May everyone who was touched by the Boston Marathon tragedy know that you are in the hearts of many as they will cross finish lines all over America with you in their thoughts.

08 Apr 2013

Nebraska’s Team Jack inspires us to do more for Fit Kids

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The Nebraska Football team had fans everywhere in tears with their recent Team Jack play during the Spring Game. This play speaks volumes about the team, the school and its players and coaches. Jack has brain cancer and is in a battle of his own.

I wanted to highlight what a wonderful example this is of giving back to someone who might just need a boost of confidence in their lives. Many of us our blessed with fit kids of our own and often times forget that health is a gift. At Fit Kids Playground, we support all kids everywhere in their battles with health. We hope that a glimpse of this video will inspire you to do something for someone else that might be battling a health issue of their own.

Pay it forward. If you have a healthy child, be thankful and pay it forward. We hope that one day, all kids will be healthy & fit kids, as they as every child has the right to be. Thank you Nebraska Huskers for reminding us.

05 Apr 2013

Whole Foods is here to save our meals!

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We have had a great relationship with the Whole Foods Market in South Tampa since we launched 3 years ago! We love not only shopping in their store, but we LOVE the customer service that they provide all people! They have MANY free classes for everyone ranging from beer and wine pairings to kids cooking classes to a tour of the store and even saving money on groceries!

It was our pleasure to have them on with us on March 5 on Studio 10 TV! We had such a great time kicking off National Nutrition Month and talking Playin’ In The Park!

Curtis Whitwam, the Whole Foods Healthy Eating Specialist (we all need one of him to teach us how to eat) was on hand to show us some fun new dishes our kids might like and we might like too because they were super easy! My favorite was the Spinach Hummus Pinwheel Wraps. These go really great into bento lunch boxes. They travel well and are easy to make. Plus you can have a great batch of hummus for other snack and meal ideas.

For more ideas on what else you can cook that your kids might like (and is super healthy too!) check out the Whole Foods Market website. And if you can, stop in to meet Curtis! He rocks!

Whole Foods is located in Tampa at:

Whole Foods Market, Tampa, Fl. / 1548 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa, Fl. 33607 / 813-874-9435

05 Apr 2013

Tampa Bay Parenting presents Summer Splash: Saturday, April 6th at the Glazer Children’s Museum

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If you are looking for summer camps for your kids, then this is the place to shop. All in one place will be summer camps in the Tampa Bay area. It is a great place to go and see what is out there for your child. Meet with the staff and get more information from the actual camps. If you happen to miss the event, check out the April issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine that will have a summer camp guide. (Oh! And if you happen to pick up the magazine at Publix this month, check out the Fit Kids Playground article on page 44! Thanks Tampa Bay Parenting!)