Fit Kids Tampa

Welcome to the Tampa Bay Playground. There are so many fun ways to keep you and your kids active and healthy all year long. We have scouted out Tampa Bay for the best places to go, even on rainy days! Enjoy what Tampa Bay has to offer! All of the businesses below offer children programs for various ages. We encourage you to get out there and go play! try something new! Sometime (this is not guarenteed) but many places will offer you a free trial class or period) for you to see if you like their programs! Just ask! If you have a business that does something healthy, let us know!


Outdoor Playgrounds

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Indoor Playgrounds

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Gymnastics and Cheerleading

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Martial Arts

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Kids Fitness

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Healthy Eats

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Healthy Grocery Stores

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Sports and Leagues

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Brain Workouts

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Nutrition Programs

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Sports Equiptment

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Bike Shops

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