Our Mission

Our mission is to decrease the burden of childhood obesity and its associated potential chronic diseases in the Tampa Bay area. Through parental education, early childhood intervention through fun education, parent education classes sponsored by We Can! and community awareness about the simple steps that can be implemented to teach healthy habits for life, the Tampa Bay community will be healthier for years to come.

This can be done through the following steps:

  • Create age appropriate education curriculum that teaches children about healthy weight basics (how to help them make good food decisions to eat right), get active, and reduce screen time. This program can be implemented by parent volunteers and will be supported by the We Can™ curriculum for Parents and Caregivers.
  • Empower families to make healthy choices through education, encouragement, and environment change.
  • Maximize existing community resources and programs and educate the community about their existence.
  • Empower parents and caregivers with We Can!™ helpful information and dozens of valuable resources for them to educate their family, including tips, worksheets, and tools, all designed to help their family stay healthy. Learn more about healthy weight basics and how to help your family eat right, get active, and reduce screen time.
  • Facilitate partnerships to fill existing gaps in programs.

We offer support to organizations that also include:

  • Group/School Tool Kit Curriculum Boxes
  • Family Edition Boxes
  • Educational Vignettes
  • Interactive Website
  • Event Marketing
  • Interactive Children’s Area @ Events.
  • Social Outreach Marketing
  • Focus Groups
  • Health and Wellness Committee Start Up Kits

Together we can make small steps to big changes one community at a time.