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Starts In Schools

Teaching healthy eating habits to preschoolers will lay a foundation for making smart food choices throughout their lifetime!

Encouraging children to learn and participate in mealtimes is a new year’s resolution worth making. But how do you get kids interested in fresh fruits and veggies when they really want to eat french fries and plain pasta? We have written our preschool class with Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo School’s Education Department. Our class is broken up into 4 easy lessons that will be taught 1 time per month over a 4 month period. The class is meant to add to the existing program that the school already has in place.

We say the word “healthy” but doe your children know the meaning of the word? A first lesson we will introduce to the preschoolers is “What does healthy mean to you?” Children hear the word “healthy” all the time in many contexts. But do they understand WHAT it means exactly? Do they understand WHY we are supposed to eat healthy foods?

The eating habits children learn when they are young will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they are adults. Preschoolers are already learning very basic concepts. Colors are a basic lesson taught at a very young age. By using the motto “today I ate a rainbow” and using the different colors to correlate to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, kids will have the opportunity to “sample the rainbow” during our class and see that they might like something new!

Using all 5 senses to teach preschoolers healthy habits will only impact their future to make smart choice on their own later in life. We will be reading books, tasting foods, smelling the fresh air during our outside activity and also learning a song! Teaching the basic concepts of being healthy early on, will over time, educate a generation about healthy lifestyles and the benefits to leading a healthy life. Old habits are hard to break! Why don’t we teach our children right from the start! If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Fit Kids Playground through our site.