07 Nov 2013

Marketing Healthy Foods to Children

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Marketing products to children using familiar characters is a way to get kids attracted to certain items. Banking on familiarity, kids are naturally drawn to items that their “heroes” are touting. “If it is good enough for Superman, it is good enough for me,” are what kids are thinking. Also, products know that the moment they begin to use licensed characters (which you must have rights to do) they know their product will see, what I refer to as the “Oprah Effect.” (I am sure there are sales reports to show a spike in sales once the product has been associated with a familiar children’s character-take your pick on which one.)

But now, it is time to use this marketing power for good. Hearing today that Sesame Workshop will allow the Produce Marketing Association to use their muppet characters to help market fruits and vegetables comes at no surprise. Although, I am thrilled to hear that they will be waiving licensing fees for PMA’s growers to use the familiar characters. This is great news. And with the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative behind this new partnership, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

I welcome the opportunity to teach my preschooler about healthy eating at every meal we have together. Each time I eat with my children, is another chance I get to talk about food: why we eat, why what we eat should be healthy, why we should eat healthy food, and so on. Fit Kids Playground is a supporter of Sesame Workshop and their Healthy Habits for Life initiative. Integrating messages through everyday life is how it’s done. I hope that my kids are soon begging me to buy fruits and vegetables, and if it because there is an Elmo sticker on the apple, then so be it. At least they are eating an apple. At least they are showing an interest. It’s a start to healthy habits.

At Fit Kids Playground, we fully believe that the younger generation holds the key through preschool education pertaining to healthy eating. The exposure alone at an early age will teach kids to learn about where their food comes from, that it is important to eat a rainbow and that they should be eating a fruit or vegetable with EVERY meal. There are simple ways to start to introduce these concepts early on, but “early on” are the key words.

So I will be on the look out in early 2014 for Big Bird Bananas or Red Delicious Elmo Apples…because that is what some of us already do, right? I’ve made my own Abby’s Amazing Apples with “magic sprinkles” on peanut butter on apples. (Try it for yourself! It worked! My daughter LOVED her apple snack!) You don’t need a license to get creative. You just need a little creative magic to get you thinking about a way to disguise asparagus. If you make it fun, 9 times out of 10, kids will respond. So it’s worth a try.

Do you have fun names for healthy food you cook that you market to your kids at your house? Tell us how you get them to eat healthy food! We are always looking for new ideas.

Insider Mom Tip: Eat a Rainbow of fruits and veggies everyday! We love the Today I Ate a Rainbow Chart that goes on your fridge and acts as a game! Hope on over and meet Kia, a Mom in action and on a mission to help kids eat healthier!

29 Oct 2011

First Florida-Grown School Lunch Day!

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Finally! A win for the farmers and a win for the kids. An event was held in Tallahassee this past week, that put Florida-grown produce in the spotlight! It looks like there are some changes coming, which in my books, means that people higher up are finally listening. This event took place rightfully so, in October which is National Farm to School Month. I would like to see what really happens in January, when it looks like there will be some “changes” made to the Florida school lunch program. Read more

24 Oct 2011

Happy Food Day Tampa Bay!

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Happy Food Day! Today, is the first time I am celebrating this holiday. Over the past year, I have taken a huge interest for my well being and have started to educate myself about what is “healthy.” Not only for my well being, but more importantly, for my children’s well being. Like every parent, I only want the best for my kids, and teaching myself about food seemed like a very important thing to do. And BOY, have I learned ALOT!
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18 Oct 2011

Super Healthy Kids Plate is Super Awesome!

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My apologies first to the Super Healthy Kids author and creator of the Healthy Kids Plate, Amy. She sent me this plate well over a year ago, and I have owed her this review for a while! Read more

26 Aug 2011

Summer Time is Grill Time!

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My kids have learned to try new things because I have made a promise to them and they trust I will keep it. “Mommy would never make you eat something that wasn’t yummy.” When I remind them of the promise, 10 out of 10 times they will try the food I want them to try, and 8 out of 10 times, I get this response, “THIS IS AWESOME!”
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